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The company

Sansone is the fruit of one man’s imagination: Joseph SANSONE founded the company in 1958, making his first granito (agglomerated marble) pieces in the cellar of his family home, and thus a great adventure began…

In 1968, the company’s activities were transferred to Mouvaux, near to Lille in the North of France, it was there that the company started to experience its first successes, Sansone expanded his offer and specialised in the transformation of natural raw materials: granite, stone and marble.

The company continued to develop and is now successfully implanted throughout France and a dozen other European countries.

The Sansone Group is still run by its founding family to this day.

Our values and founding principles

Passion, innovation, excellence, ethics and respect are the values and principles which drive and motivate the women and men of the Sansone Group. Each and every personal or collective commitment and decision is an unconditional reflection of our founding principles. 

We are passionate and at the end of each day we are proud of the exemplary nature of our work, completed with the sole objective of ensuring customer satisfaction.

Innovation is the force behind the Sansone spirit, an intelligent combination of audaciousness and passion, a meeting of talent with expertise. It is the reflection of how our individual qualities serve the Group’s requirements.

Excellence is the very essence of our business; it is the goal we must achieve each day and that we apply to each of our specialised sectors, with the sole objective of ensuring customer satisfaction.

Ethics are our guiding light, helping us to operate as an international entity, the commitment behind each of our decisions.

Respect for people and collective commitments are at the very heart of our human relations, we share the benefits of working together and providing our expertise. Attentiveness, exchange and openness to others are a dynamic strength.

Our activity sectors

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(Mouvaux – Lille – France)

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Interior Design | Furniture | Life Style

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France’s leading mail-order supplier of ornamental funerary items

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Funerary monuments and articles

Setting up of cemeteries, creating cinerary spaces, street furniture and services